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Tiny houses come in all different shapes, sizes and designs, but there's nothing more whimsical than a tree house. This tree house has to be one of the nicest tree houses too. When it comes to tiny house design, these homes can be built on trailers, foundations or up in a tree like this one is. All tiny houses hold a sense of magic to them, and for some reason, everything just seems so charming when it's smaller. Tiny cottages in the woods are always full of character and warmth. Then there are tiny houses on wheels that have so much charm as well. Like the tiny caravan style houses built by a tiny house building company called Zyl Vardos. These tiny houses on wheels look so much like the traditional gypsy style caravans with curves and circular windows. There's something so intriguing about a home that can just be packed up and moved to another location whenever needed. These tiny houses on wheels provide a great home on the go for those who move around a lot for work or travel around a lot. If you've seen some of the tiny house designs out there, you know how cute some of them can be which is why they are increasing in popularity day by day.

Tiny tree houses are great for properties where there's already a main home, and usually, they're built just to be guest houses or a little hide away for the people living on the property. Most often, they're built for kids, but you don't have to be a kid to enjoy a tree house. Tree houses like these ones you see here can definitely bring out the kid in us. When they're built really well like the ones you see in the photos here, they could be lived in for longer periods of time if someone wanted to. They aren't usually insulated which makes them better for summer time use or for a place in a warmer climate. But that being said, you could insulate your tiny tree house to use year round, and you could definitely build a tree house that you could live in year round. As you can see in these tree houses, most often, when building a tiny house like this, you'll need to build it onto the trees, using the trees for support. There are also new ways of building that are being explored where the builder will create a structure that's suspended from the upper branches of the tree, so the tree doesn't have to be punctured by nails or screws.

Most of the tiny tree houses you see here are made out of wood which is probably the best material to build your tree house out of. Other materials like brick or stone would be out of the question for building a tiny house in a tree because of the weight of the materials. Wood, on the other hand, is a nice, light material that won't put a lot of pressure on the tree. Plus, it's an all natural material that will fit right in with its surroundings. Wood is also a great building material because of its ability to be flexible to the wind and earth movements, as well as very strong and durable at the same time. If you're interested in building a tiny house whether it's on a foundation, on a trailer or in a tree, it's always great to check out different designs to get inspired on your own build. So have a look through these tiny houses in trees and see which one catches your eye the most.***

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