Tour the Elegant Kangablue Tiny House With Fabulous Wainscoting

Are you thinking of taking the plunge to live tiny? If so, staying in a tiny house on wheels could be a great chance to test the waters before diving into tiny house living. Now that there is so much interest in tiny house design and small house living, there are not just tiny houses for sale, but tiny house accommodations that people can spend some time in. Since all tiny house designs are different, it would be great to try out a few different tiny houses to see what style and design you like the best. There are the traditional tiny house designs like this Kangablue tiny house; then there are the artistic tiny houses like Zyl Vardos that are more like the classic gypsy caravan. There are also very modern style tiny houses with shed roofs and more of a contemporary style. Just like regular homes, you can choose any style that suits your own personal preferences and go with it. You can either choose to build your own tiny house on wheels ot have someone build it for you. Or, you can have a shell of a tiny house on wheels built for you and you can just finish the rest. A shell would include the walls, floor and the roof set on the trailer, but the client would be responsible for finishing the interior design.

The Kangablue is very much a traditional style of tiny house. This is also on the smaller side of tiny houses on wheels with 170 square feet of space within, but that being said, it's actually the largest tiny house at the Caravan Tiny House Hotel. The style of the Kangablue is elegant and modern with a comfortable feel to it. The home is able to sleep up to 3 people in it so it would be great for couples or a family of three. The exterior of the home is very classic with all wooden siding and a cute little porch out front. The home enters from one of the smaller sides of the home, and there's also a window right by the entrance for added light and views. Inside the home is a very cozy living room with a purple sofa and a decorative white chair. The furniture looks very comfortable and is regular furniture as opposed to the built-in bench seats that we usually see in tiny houses. Beyond the living room is the kitchen area which has everything a guest would need during a stay. There's a microwave, a kettle, a mini fridge and a sink with running water. There's also lots of cabinet space and counter space as well as a dining area with a table and chairs. Then, past the kitchen is the bathroom with a flush toilet and a shower too.

The loft sleeping area has a memory foam queen mattress, and it's accessible by a ladder that pulls down. The Kangablue was designed and also built by Benn Kovco in 2014. Benn took the opportunity to build the tiny house on evenings and weekends over 10 months while working full-time. He implemented different native woods like the blue pine, which is also known as beetle kill pine. This type of wood can come from any type of pine tree, but it gets it's blue colour after it been infected by the Mountain Pine Beetle. Since Benn is from Australia, the name for the tiny house on wheels is fitting using the Kangaroo as part of it with the blue being the blue wood that was used in the build. Check out more photos of the build, and head over to the website to book a stay.***

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