Prepare To Be Amazed In This Fantastic 150 Sq. Ft. Tiny Drop Tiny House on Wheels

From the outside, you would think that this tiny house on wheels was just a teardrop trailer. When you step inside, you realize that it's so much more. The builders, Tend Building, took the concept and design ideas from a teardrop trailer and mixed them in with a tiny house design and the result is super cute. This would be a great tiny house on wheels to use as a guest house on a property, or as a travel trailer that feels more like a cabin than an RV. Many people use smaller tiny houses like this one for vacation purposes, but there are people who also live full time in tiny houses like this one. The tiny house design has 150 square feet of space, and it was built to be very energy efficient and sustainable. The home has a continuous thermal blanket an advanced home sealing technology as well as a ventilated rain screen and sun barrier which provide an airtight very well insulated building. Having a home that's this well insulated, will not only mean keeping warm throughout colder weather, it also means savings on heating bills too. And since the tiny house is so small, to begin with, it won't need that much heat to stay warm anyhow. Stepping inside, the first thing you

The builders also used all natural, non-toxic building materials to keep the inside of the home a healthy, non-toxic place to live. They also implemented a fresh air system, as well as a bathroom fan to keep the place well ventilated. For heating, the tiny house features a combustion exhaust controlled furnace, and for hot water, they have added in an on-demand water heater. The home has LED lighting throughout which also makes it very energy efficient, and above all, the tiny house on wheels is also off-grid with solar panels that power the home. One of the other amazing features is that spring water will be filtered for in-house use. That would be pretty nice to have fresh spring water available anytime you wanted it. For the toilet, they went with a composting toilet which is what most people choose to have in their tiny house. Some tiny houses can have flush toilets, but only if they will be set up with septic connections. Since this tiny house design is off-grid, the composting toilet makes the most sense. There are also RV toilets, but these require a lot of cleaning and people seem to prefer the composting ones.

The interior of the house is done in a vibrant red colour on the walls and other surfaces and mixed with the wood; it looks pretty nice. There's a nice living room area with built-in seating that has storage in it. To add to the colourfulness and playfulness of the home's interior design, they painted the bench sofa bright blue. The kitchen is done as a galley style kitchen with a sink and cabinet and counter space. There's a cooktop on the counter with a fan above which would also help to keep the place well ventilated. Ventilation is very important in small quarters, especially keeping the humidity levels low so mould problems don't arise. Up a ladder, there's a loft area for sleeping with two large skylights that would be perfect for star gazing and they also help bring natural light into the space too. They even open to allow in some nice fresh air. If you're thinking about building a tiny house of your own, check out this tiny house on wheels for some inspiration and see what you like best about it.***

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