How To Make a Kitchen Fan Hood

When it comes to renovating or upgrading certain items or full rooms in your home diy ideas can be true lifesavers. Everyone wants that upscale look in their home, but it can be hard to afford all of the upscale items that make it look that way. So, instead of forking out all of your money to purchase the latest and greatest in home design items, you can just do it yourself and make it look just as great. Until a certain point, people were very much DIYers and everything was done on their own accord. Now, people are used to being able to just go to the store or online and buy exactly what they want. We buy items that were made by others so that we don't have to do it ourselves anymore, but if you're someone who enjoys making things and doing things yourself around the home, then diy ideas like this one are for you. This is a great diy idea for if you're changing up your kitchen, or if you need to replace your exhaust fan. The exhaust fan over your stove is an essential item in any home design. The fan filters grease out of the air so it doesn't end up all over your cabinets and walls, and it also helps to keep moisture levels low in the home so that you don't get mould issues down the road.

If you live in an older house, chances are, you have an old fan above your stove that could use replacing. If you need to replace it, but maybe you can't get the exact model you like, you can always just get a more affordable model and then do this diy project to cover it up and make it look more modern. If you have an older exhaust fan that still works great, you can also use this method to cover it up so that your kitchen looks very put together. Many people built these boxes around their fans to cover them up and to create a continuous design flow with their cabinetry. This diy tutorial will help you build your very own exhaust fan cover that you can paint any colour you want, so it matches your existing home design. You'll also want to mimic the style of your cabinets too, so if your kitchen cabinets have moulding on the top and the front, you'll want to add that to your fan cover.

That's what Jordan from The 2 Seasons did with her hood fan, and it looks just like her cabinets. In fact, it looks like the fan cover was installed at the same time as her cabinets were. She and her husband did a great job in creating a box that fit right over their fan. To do this, you'll have to have your fan installed, and then you'll decide where you want the box to go around it. Just measure on the very sides of the fan and from the ceiling to the bottom of the fan to get your exact measurements. If you're doing moulding, the moulding will just go over the box at the top. Jordan and her husband then attached the wood to the wall around the fan and then attached the moulding. Jordan then painted the entire box white to match their cabinets, and they added more moulding to the front of the box in the same style as the cabinets with some shelving too. Once it was all painted white, it looked amazing. Check out the full transformation of their kitchen on their website and try out this diy idea yourself.***

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