Cozy Up in the Warmth of This Tiny House's Luxurious Bedroom

When it comes to tiny house design, the Minimaliste Tiny House Company really knows how to make small spaces work. The company is a Canadian company in Quebec building beautiful custom homes that suit the client's needs. The first thing people usually want to know when it comes to building a home is how much it will cost them overall. Tiny houses can range in price, and the overall cost will really depend on the style, size, quality of materials and the fixtures and appliances that go into the tiny house. There are people who have built their own tiny houses from salvaged materials that have been able to keep their build under $10,000. Then, there are luxury tiny house designs that go all the way up to $150,000 or more. Minimaliste will work with their clients and their personal budgets to find the perfect balance for each build. They say that their builds can cost anywhere from $60,000 CAD to $150,000 or more. The model you see here called the Sequoia costs around $80,000 CAD to build with everything you see in it. Plus, having your tiny house on wheels built for you by a professional builder is going to cost you more because you're paying for the labour that goes into creating it.

You can definitely save money by building your own tiny house on wheels; it just may take you longer than it would to have it built for you. Building your own home comes with its own set of challenges, but it's also an extremely rewarding process that will leave you feeling very proud of and connected to your home. If you're building your own tiny house design, expect to work on it for at least one or two years if you're working full time and only taking weekends to build it. Again, the pace at which your home will be built also depends on how large it is, but it's good to give yourself more than enough time to build it instead of putting pressure on yourself to get it done too quickly. That's where mistakes can be made, and you may not feel as satisfied with your home in the long run. Building your home over a longer period of time also takes the financial pressure off a bit. This way you can build as you can afford materials or as you find free or affordable deals. If you're building for the first time, there will need to be time to learn as well, so remember to factor that in too.

Companies like Minimaliste may also be open to helping you with your home design plans to get you started, or you might even be able to use one of their plans to work off of if you buy it from them. The Sequoia model is one of the tiny houses that Minimaliste has built and it seems to be their smallest home model. The home design features a single loft that is on a cantilever which adds to the overall appearance and style of the home. This also allows the bedroom to have more ceiling height than regular lofts would have. The main part of the home is very open and spacious with a living room and a kitchen all sharing the same space. The open ceilings also add an element of openness as well and the light colours they used also help to create the feeling of more space. There's a nice little kitchen with all of the necessities as well as a fold-out dining table and a separate desk area. Check out the photos of the design and see what you think about this stylish tiny house on wheels.***

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