Architectural Accents: Sliding Barn Doors for the Home

When you think of barn style houses and farmhouse style, one feature that stands out is sliding barn doors. There's something about sliding barn doors that people just can't get enough of. They work in all sorts of architectural designs from barn style houses to modern home designs and more. And if you've ever wondered what it would be like to live in a barn style house you could always try a small renovation idea to include sliding barn doors. You could try adding a few sliding barn doors to your current home design and see if you like the atmosphere they help to create. Although sliding barn doors are actually a style, the original models were created from old barn wood. And some barn doors still are. Many more barn doors are made from manufactured wood and glass. And these doors are a great addition to any home design; they slide against the wall so that the door takes up very little space when open. And thats a huge advantage, especially for smaller spaces. And you can get sliding barn doors in any style to suit any sort of room design. The wooden sliding barn doors can also be salvaged, and are usually paired with iron hardware and black metals. The following are just some of the sliding barn door styles you'll find.

Wooden sliding doors are a door style that can go with any home design. Wooden sliding barn doors are the classic barn door design that works in architectural designs from modern to rustic. These classic wooden door can be the showpiece in a white minimalist room. Or the wooden door can blend into the wall. Another style of barn doors is the industrial barn door. You will find industrial barn doors that have a huge glass panel to allow natural light, while still closing off the room for privacy. Another style of barn doors is an Asian-inspired glass door, with horizontal lines. On the list of barn doors for the home, you will find painted wood barn doors that are made from painted wood that have a down-home, farm look. The big advantage of this style of barn door is that you can paint it or get someone to paint the door to match whatever you choose. And if you do a distressed paint look on your barn door, it goes a long way to hide the scratches and the nicks. And a white barn style door with black hardware stands out so nicely with a door such as this. You'll find barn style doors that are made from real doors from older houses. You can pretty much put anything suitable on a track if you have the right hardware. Its a design-style that utilizes the hardware perfectly.

And the hardware choices for sliding barn doors and barn doors come in a variety of designs to choose from. Youll find lots of choices for barn door hardware from modern to rustic. You'll find barn door hardware from iron to chrome, sleek to ornate, modern to traditional and more. And the good news is that you can buy the whole barn door hardware kit in one package. You can buy the hardware, the pulls and handles, locks and accessories, all in the same kit to make it easy to install. You can even get different colors from glossy or mat. Some even barn doors for order online.

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