240 Sq. Ft. Tiny Log Cabin on 100 Acres For Sale!

Ever dreamed of living in a little log cabin in the woods? This tiny house might just be able to fulfil those desires, and the best part is, it's for sale. This is quite a rare occurrence apparently, to find one of the small log cabins on Sucker River available to buy. The other amazing thing about this listing is that the tiny house sits on 100 acres of beautiful land in Minnesota. For those looking to buy land, this is an amazing deal, as you not only get the 100 acres but a great cabin too. If you're looking to buy land, this would be a wise way to go about it. Buying land can be very expensive, and you're usually required to put down as much as 50% of the total cost down right away. For many people, this is not feasible, but if you buy a piece of land with a home on it, like this one, you can usually mortgage the home which will cost you less upfront for a downpayment. So an opportunity like this would be great for those looking to buy land. The area the tiny house is on is also known for some of the best trout fishing, and the cabin comes with over 3,000 feet of private property right on the river.

There's also private trails in the forest filled with pine trees. The cabin was remodelled in 2012 adding in big windows that overlook the river. It has a total of 240 square feet with a rustic kitchen and sleeping loft. You'll also notice the gorgeous woodwork throughout the home, on the exterior and the interior and the home also features a metal roof which will last years. Inside the house, there's a large living room by tiny house standards, with a nice wood burning fireplace in it. They show how well a large sofa fits into the cabin and also a table that folds out. Above the living room area is the sleeping loft which is accessed by a ladder. There's also a small kitchen that doesn't have appliances, but some could be implemented, and there are a few cabinets and a nice countertop. The home also has an array of solar panels that provide power to the home, and it was designed with sustainability and conservation in mind. The property actually can't be divided up into smaller parcels, and the tiny house can't be added onto.

Small log cabins like this one probably don't come up for sale a lot, and it's understandable to see that this tiny house has already sold for $120,000 back in 2016. The lucky owner got a really great deal considering the asking price was closer to $130,000. If you're looking for a tiny house for sale, you can check out the listings on the Tiny House Listings website, but they are going fast these days as the popularity of tiny houses keeps growing. If you do want to have your own tiny house, you can also build your own. So if you have a piece of land to build on, you can build your tiny house design there, but even if you don't have land, you can also build a tiny house design on wheels. You can buy a pretty nice tiny house design for $100,000 that would be considered a luxury tiny house, or you can purchase a simpler design for less too. Building your own tiny house is probably the most affordable option, but it does require a lot of work and time dedicated to the build, even though it is very rewarding in the end.***

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