$62,800 Glenwood Log Home is Cozy One Story Model with Its Bump-Out Design Has Two Bedrooms

The Glenwood home cabin kit is a cozy one story floorplan that has a bump-out design with two bedrooms and an open concept kitchen/dining/living area. The Glenwood home cabin kit comes from the Trade ... read more

Stunning Exterior Southland Log Home Design

If you are like many other people, you find log houses to be simply beautiful. Like this stunning exterior from Southland Log Home Designs. This particular log house is called the Carson log home, a ... read more

What is the First Word that Comes to Mind When You Look at this Log House?

If you love luxury log cabins and luxury log home plans, you will want to take a look at some of the amazing log homes on this site. With all sorts of stunning log homes from start to finish, and in s ... read more

Here's the Reason Why Prefabricated Log House Is So Popular

It's never been easier to get into a log home construction than it is today. If a log home is something you have been considering and you want to see it happen, you will want to consider a prefabricat ... read more

The Ultimate Rustic-Chic Barn Home

If you are thinking about where to hold the ultimate country wedding or family event you will want to take a look at some of these stunning barn builds, you may have trouble looking at anything else a ... read more

Designed and Built by Wisconsin Log Homes

Gorgeous, timeless, log houses Designed and Built by Wisconsin Log Homes. This beautiful home is one of the many log houses that is featured on the Wisconsin Log Homes' Facebook page. The log house ... read more

Honest Abe Log Homes

If you enjoy looking at log home plans and designs, you'll love having a look at some of the finest log houses from Honest Abe Log Homes. It's hard to imagine that less than 100 years ago, people wou ... read more

Very Welcoming and Adorable Log Cabin Home

There is so much to love about this luxury log home plan and design. From the open deck that overlooks the water and mountains to the big stone fireplace that anchors the room, the antler light fixtur ... read more

Some of the Most Beautiful Log Home Photos You Will Ever See

Imagine enjoying a beautiful morning in this luxury log home plan complete with all the log home details you will love. This beautiful log home gallery offers up plenty of photos of each room in this ... read more

Christmas Is Coming Get Your New Log Cabin Now

The sight of a log house covered in snow, with the glow of a fire inside is enough to make you want one of your very own. Well, Christmas is coming, so you better get in your new log cabin now. This ... read more

$69,350 Fairfield Is a Spacious and Convenient Log House for Family

Wouldn't you love to call this log house your home? The $69,350 Fairfield is a spacious and convenient log home for the family. The Fairfield log home, from Coventry Log Homes is from their Tradesme ... read more

See Why the $45,300 Clearwater Log House is a Popular Favorite Log House Design

The Clearwater log home kit comes from the Tradesman Series of log homes with classic log home designs that everyone dreams of at the most affordable price. This beautiful log home kit is priced at $8 ... read more

See Why the $27,800 Canterbury Log House is a Loved Favorite Log Cabin Design

Have you ever dreamed of living in a beautiful log house? The $48,850 Canterbury Is a Darling Log Home, comes at a fairly reasonable price for the size and quality. Living in a log house is desirable ... read more

$59,600 Braxton Is a Ranch Style Log House with Three Bedrooms

If you have a love for log houses, you'll be interested in seeing some great examples, like the $59,600 Braxton, which is a ranch style log home with three bedrooms. If you are like many people, you ... read more

$23,750 Bradley Log Cabin Perfect for the Retired or a Couple's Getaway Retreat

The Bradley is a charming real log cabin for sale that has everything you need in a compact open concept design that has a full front covered porch. This 576 square foot log home building would be per ... read more

See Why the $40,300 Ashley Log House is a Loved Favorite Log House Design

The Ashley log house package is the perfect retreat to spend weekends and time away. The cozy gambrel styling, with open concept and cathedral ceiling, has just enough space for a small family or coup ... read more

People Love this $35,400 Ascutney Log House Read our Review

The Ascutney log home kit is a 1,140 square foot log home with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, a nice size for a vacation home or full-time living. The complete six by eight package is priced at $68 ... read more

$76,450 Woodsman Log House Features an Open Concept Design

If you like Rancher floor plans, you will love the Woodsman log home kit with its large ranch style log home that features an open concept design and a covered wrap porch that encompasses the three fr ... read more

People are Talking About This $62,750 Timberline Log House

Here we are featuring the $88,400 Timberline Log Home with 4 spacious bedrooms. Perfect for a family to live quite comfortably in, or even perhaps to use as a large recreational cabin to retreat to f ... read more

Starting at $38k Perfect Size Nature Retreat Log Cabin

If you're on the lookout for the perfect small log house, the $53,600 Sycamore is a perfect size home for starting out or downsizing to something more manageable. We all come to a point in our lives ... read more

The $64,750 Summit View Log House Is an Attractive Log Home with Lots of Character

If you've been dreaming of a log house construction of your own, the Summit View log home is worth looking at. This prefab log cabin home is an attractive option with loads of character. This chalet s ... read more

The $74,100 Sugarhill Is a Cozy, Modified Chalet Style Log Home

The Sugarhill is a cozy chalet style log house package with 1,128 square feet of living space. The Sugarhill is priced at $74,100 for the six by eight complete package. The log house package has three ... read more

$114,950 Somersworth Log Home Offers Convinience and Comfortability

The Somersworth is a beautiful log home kit that has al the conveniences of home. With a two car garage with an entryway that goes directly into the kitchen. Having a garage where you can drive into a ... read more

From $55,700 Gambrel Style Log House to Maximize the Space Upstairs

You have to see the $85,750 Shannon log house, this is a gambrel style log home which maximizes the space upstairs and has a unique, country style. If you are like most people, you may have a natural ... read more

Everyone Loves This $85,400 Mountain View Log Home Don't Miss Checking it Out

Prepare to be amazed when you see this $$85,400 Stunning Mountain View Log Home from Coventry Log Homes. A gorgeous home at a decent price, made with beautiful, high quality materials. Building a lo ... read more

From $48,400 Cozy Mansfield Log House with Covered Porch for Outdoor Enjoyment

The Mansfield log cabin design is just one of the wood cabins you might consider as a vacation home in a nice location. This lovely log home plan and design has lots of charm with an upstairs with two ... read more

Video Take a Virtual Tour of this $125,000 Pre-Cut Shell Log House Package

If you like log house designs, you will want to take a look at the Athens log home as featured in the September 2008 issue of Log Home Illustrated. This beautiful log home plan and design has all the ... read more

Nothing Quite Like Living in a Log Country Log House

Take a look at one of the beautiful finished log houses from Expedition Log Homes. This gorgeous home is one of the many custom log home building projects done by expert craftsmen at Expedition Log H ... read more

The Perfect Log Cabin... Under Construction

Discover the inner workings of log home building, with progress shots of the build at Loch Rannoch which shows some good progress this week of building. We all love seeing the final result of a finel ... read more

Look INSIDE The Breathtaking Caribou Creek Ranch Log House

When you love log houses and natural landscapes, you're always on the lookout for beautiful homes to be inspired by. The Breathtaking Caribou Creek Ranch, a stunning piece of architecture, with all o ... read more

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